About us

BONITA STYLE Ltd. is established in 1995 and is well known manufacturer of formal and elegant sports dresses for kids and teenagers for the domestic market and for several European countries, USA and Japan.

In the last 10 years the company is a leading producer of school uniforms, stage costumes, office and working clothes for corporate customers too.

The company offices, the production and commercial base, as well as the specialized reception rooms for school uniforms are situated downtown Sofia and cover an area of over 1200 sq. m.

There are working more than 50 highly qualified employees on different level of the technological process in the company, who provide a closed loop from the project design to the manufacturing of the final product and its offering the customer.

Our customers associate the company name with exclusive quality and precise production, combined with qualitative materials – cotton, wool, silk cloths and knitwear, Bulgarian and imported products and last but not least – with the fair treatment and individual approach to each of them.

The individual ideas and wishes of our customers have a priority in the company policy. The design solutions correspond to the garments character and are consistent with the customer’s vision for each product.

BONITA Style demonstrates its own cloth style. Ingenious models, developed by the design team of the company, perfect combination of line and structure, balanced colors, special attention to details and comfort of the garment, are distinctive about the style of the clothes produced by us. This brings the individuality, which is well known and evaluated by everybody who dresses the clothes of BONITA Style.

BONITA Style is a reliable partner. There are no infeasible tasks for the BONITA Style team. All this is possible thanks to the high professionalism, fighting spirit and responsibility of our employees, to our flexibility and effective performance.

             The production quality is of a special concern by our company. BONITA STYLE Ltd.  is certified by European standards for quality control – ISO 9001 with the scope of certification in the field of garments for kids and teenagers, including uniforms and working clothes.

The quality control is carried out on several levels – from the project to the ready garments going to the warehouse. The clothes have a guaranteed production quality thanks to the professionalism of our employees and the application of innovative CAD systems and technologies. This leads the final product to have a finished outlook, perfect vision, good performance on the market and a solid seal for high quality production.

Our slogan is “Quality and stylishness for each customer!” and each garment produced by BONITA STYLE proves it.

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