BONITA Style is a leading manufacturer of children's and teenwear, school uniforms from 1 to 12, stage and cheerleading costumes for schools. A separate segment of the company's activity is the production of uniforms for offices and administrative departments of companies. In the framework of school projects - and clothing for teachers' teams, consistent with the overall vision of uniformed clothing in the respective school. The company was founded in Sofia in 1995. Currently, it employs more than 50 highly qualified workers at different levels in the technology process that provide a closed cycle from the creation of the model to its commercialization. BONITA mainly produces children's clothing and school uniforms for the domestic market, but has good contacts and partners outside of the country. The garments of the company are sold well in Germany (Czappulino Baby & Kindermoden - Kassel), England, Spain, Israel (Z. BAYADSI Ltd - HAIFA), Serbia (Yanamond D.O.O - Beograd). Clothing is also exported to merchants from the United States, Norway, Hungary and others. Countries in Europe. Models of BONITA have been successfully presented at Oslo exhibitions. The company develops the models of I lovegorgeous - England and Lakris - Denmark. The philosophy of BONITA is the production of a wide variety of models in "short" boutique series. This allows the company flexibility and good performance on the market. However, BONITA has technological and organizational capabilities to produce a particular model in larger quantities. In recent years BONITA is one of the few companies and definitely a leader in the production of school uniforms. Our development and implementation are the uniforms of more than 60,000 students in over 120 schools in the country - private, state, municipal. An increasingly important segment of our production for schools in the country becomes clothing for extracurricular shapes and activities - stage costumes, sportswear, cheerleading costumes ... BONITA works with materials of guaranteed quality - silk, cotton and woolen fabrics, Import and Bulgarian production, which allows the end product to have a finished look and an excellent vision. BONITA is the first company in the country certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 with the scope of the certificate, including "uniformed clothing".
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